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Friday, March 29, 2013

RECAP: H2O my! World Water Day at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

March 22 was World Water Day, an event to draw attention to water and sanitation issues around the globe. We were proud to help bring more than 300 students to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, an educational event coordinated by Drink Local. Drink Tap.

Here's why, and here are some of the day's photos.

Monday, March 25, 2013

NEWS: Nation's infrastructure grade "improves" to D+, Ohio fares better with C-

Animal House, 1978, Universal Pictures.
Maybe our improved grades will keep us off of double secret probation.

Last week, the American Society of Civil Engineers released its latest Report Card for America's Infrastructure. The nation's 2013 grade came in at a D+, at least slightly higher than its 2009 D- average.

Ohio's infrastructure—airports, dams, education, water/sewer, energy, roads, parks, and railroads—was graded about average: C-.

Friday, March 22, 2013

EVENT: CIFF is a C-Town showcase, we're (yes) flush with excitement

When it comes to cinema and creativity, the Cleveland International Film Festival offers independent-movie buffs the best seat in the house.

Of course, we're biased and thought our seats were the best in the house [...insert pause...], but we'll give the credit to CIFF as the Film Festival returns next month.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

NEWS: Customer service, partnerships are foundation of our new four-year plan

The Sewer District has completed a new Strategic Plan for 2013-2016. Our devotion to enhancing quality of life in the region and protecting its water resources remains the core function of the organization, and customer service and community partnerships will be critical as we move through the next four years.

The Strategic Plan outlines five areas of strategic focus: Operational Excellence, Fiscal Responsibility, Customer Service, Community Partnerships, and Organization and Employee Effectiveness. The goal of the plan is to chart a course towards leading the region as the premier environmental organization protecting our waterways.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TECH: Drinking water out of thin air


In a region where the annual rainfall is practically zero, but the atmospheric humidity is 98%, a university designed a billboard that draws potable water out of the air.

Here's more on the story. Very fitting as we prepare to celebrate World Water Day this Friday.

COMMENTARY: World Water Day highlights something Great many of us take for granted

Even in a city where the river once oozed rather than flowed, it can be easy to take such amazing natural resources for granted.

Friday is World Water Day, a celebration of safe drinking water and sanitation, and this year's campaign promotes sustainable management of the world's limited freshwater resources.

Monday, March 18, 2013

LINK: To boldly go (to the bathroom) where no man has gone (to the bathroom) before

If you've ever wondered how astronauts do their business in space, the Smithsonian has the $50,000 facility on display.

It's easy to take our own toilet for granted, but when nature calls 230 miles above Earth, proper plumbing takes on an entirely new importance. And a much higher pricetag.

The Smithsonian's story says the investment in the functional model exhibit ($50,000) is only a fraction of the cost of the actual space-shuttle toilet that flew on Endeavor—$30 million.

But really? A toilet exhibit? Heck yeah, Smithsonian staff says.
The subject is so popular, says museum staffer Michael Hulslander, because “it is truly universal.” The first thing he thought when planning the exhibition was “oh my god, we need a toilet.”
Hey, being in the wastewater industry ourselves, we know plenty of people want to know (and are brave enough to ask), "Where does the poopie go?"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NEWS: More Americans are drinking water, but better to break the bottled habit

As New York's ban on sugary drinks is on hold, an AP story today reports Americans' latest bottled-drink love affair is with good ol' H2O.

Candice Choi's story in the Denver Post states Americans drink about 44 gallons of soda per year, compared to 58 gallons of water. Since 1998, consumption of bottled water has doubled to make up 21 gallons of that total.

We're all for a tall glass of the clear stuff, but we do encourage you to turn on the tap instead of turning to the twist-off top.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PICS: Under construction, beyond cool

Last week, we toured the progress inside our $170 million Renewable Energy Facility. Here are some of the latest photos.

The building houses equipment that will generate 25% of the plant's electricity while conserving resources and reducing pollution. It is scheduled to go online this summer.

One of three fluidized-bed incinerators, each one about 60 feet tall. They're called fluidized beds because heated sand blows around inside the base like a liquid. The incinerators burn solid waste known as biosolids.