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Monday, December 31, 2012

NEWS: Rate changes, cost-saving options to keep in mind for 2013

The news on this December 31, 2012 is focused mainly on the fiscal cliff. Whatever Congress decides tonight, it won't have any impact on the sewer rate changes that go into effect in 2013.

The second year of our five-year rate schedule kicks off tomorrow, January 1. The table above is taken from our website and it includes all the relevant links to the affordability program, other cost-saving programs and eligibility criteria, and more.

These changes do not reflect the new regional stormwater management program fees or credit opportunities that begin January 1, 2013. Sewer rate increases in this five-year schedule fund large-scale projects like those included in our 25-year program Project Clean Lake, plus other essential improvements and ongoing maintenance and operation costs.

If you have questions about these rates, or our 2013 stormwater fees, you can email us or tweet us @neorsd or @wallywaterdrop

Friday, December 21, 2012

NEWS: Mayans schmayans, here are 2013 predictions NE Ohioans can count on.

So we have survived the predictions of the apocalypse, but that doesn't mean there aren't important endings and beginnings to talk about.

Here are just a few of our more-certain 2013 predictions as we take a moment to prophesy:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

VIDEO | Shed games: Cool animation explains why watersheds matter

Our friends at the Rocky River Watershed Council shared this video today, something that does a nice job explaining how water flows over the surface of our land and why it matters.

The points relate directly to our regional stormwater management program, too.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

EVENT: First-ever #h2olidays sweepstakes a chance to win tickets to zoo, aquarium, science center

A sweepstakes from a sewer district? Think of it as a h2oliday offer.

We have had a great year working with the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Greater Cleveland Aquarium, and the Great Lakes Science Center on projects and promotions, and now we want to share their love of clean water with you.

Just head over to our Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Facebook page, Like us, and then enter our sweepstakes to win a veritable sleigh-full of tickets:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

STORMWATER: Monthly workshops will begin Dec. 10 as opportunity to learn more about program, options

Monthly informational workshops to offer in-person assistance to customers; billing for Regional Stormwater Management Program will begin in January

Beginning December 10, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District will conduct regularly scheduled informational workshops for its Regional Stormwater Management Program.

At these informal workshops, residents and business owners will learn more about this regional program. In addition, Sewer District representatives will help customers complete credit applications and explain how impervious area is measured and how fees are calculated using these impervious measurements. Although billing for the program begins January 2013, detailed planning for early-stage projects is already underway.

FUNNY: Hastily made blog entry about Edgewater Beach and Mike Polk, Jr.

Based on this photo of comedian Mike Polk, Jr.'s date-night ideas,
CSO might stand for a "Cleveland Saturday out."

UPDATE: The Plain Dealer's Tipoff column shared this post with Mike, and we're flattered he got a kick out of it. While his Cuyahoga County reference is misstated, the tour offer still stands, hard hats and all.

So this summer, we got some attention on the Alan Cox Show. Now we're getting Cleveland Magazine press time thanks to comedian Mike Polk, Jr.

OK, so it wasn't Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District kudos, but yet another poke at pollution at Edgewater Beach and Polk's Cleveland-date-nights-on-the-cheap. (Love is in the air... Wait, that's not love...).

The November issue of Cleveland Magazine gave a write-up for Polk's new book, which features Edgewater Beach—along with its combined sewer overflow (CSO, the large flap gate you see behind him and his date) and reputation—as an idea for "Cleveland dating on the cheap:" In his words:
If you go on a date to Edgewater Beach, you come back wit several rashes, and that makes getting intimate that much more difficult."
We won't speak to intimacy, but rest assured, Mike. Just as we told Alan Cox, we're working to reduce pollution at places like Edgewater Beach thanks to Project Clean Lake. Think of it as our way of reducing "trash and rash"—fewer overflows of pollution to the environment means cleaner beaches. And this outfall at Edgewater opens less than one time per year, but even that is more than we want, so we're working to do even better. Just sayin'.

So enjoy your nights out at Cleveland establishments. And Mike, you could always add "wastewater treatment plant tour" to your list of chap date nights. We'll even give you and your guest primary treatment.