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Monday, December 31, 2012

NEWS: Rate changes, cost-saving options to keep in mind for 2013

The news on this December 31, 2012 is focused mainly on the fiscal cliff. Whatever Congress decides tonight, it won't have any impact on the sewer rate changes that go into effect in 2013.

The second year of our five-year rate schedule kicks off tomorrow, January 1. The table above is taken from our website and it includes all the relevant links to the affordability program, other cost-saving programs and eligibility criteria, and more.

These changes do not reflect the new regional stormwater management program fees or credit opportunities that begin January 1, 2013. Sewer rate increases in this five-year schedule fund large-scale projects like those included in our 25-year program Project Clean Lake, plus other essential improvements and ongoing maintenance and operation costs.

If you have questions about these rates, or our 2013 stormwater fees, you can email us or tweet us @neorsd or @wallywaterdrop

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