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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trustees, public hear Project Clean Lake details

This afternoon, the Board of Trustees and a full Public Meeting Room heard a detailed presentation of the Sewer District's draft combined sewer overflow long-term control plan. Known as Project Clean Lake, the 25-year agreement between the Sewer District and the Environmental Protection Agency would call for a $3 billion investment to reduce raw sewage discharges to the environment.

The pre-approved draft consent decree, a brief overview, and the full Board presentation is available at our Project Clean Lake homepage.

The presentation today was for informational purposes only, and Board President Darnell Brown clarified that the actual vote on the consent decree agreement would take place no sooner than the December 2 Board of Trustees meeting.


  1. How come there is nothing in this post that Mayor Gary Starr requested the meeting time be reset to 7pm and none of the Board members would second the motion?

    Why don't the Board members believe in being transparent and accountable to the citizens on whom they are imposing this tax by federal edict?

  2. Is the meeting on Dec. 2nd being held at 7PM as stated at the Parma meeting on Wednesday night? I hope so as the standing room only crowd was assured this would be the case.

    I also hope the NORSD will stand up to the EPA that is usurping our Constitution by fiat.

  3. Trustee Mayor Gary Starr did indeed propose moving the consent-decree vote Board meeting (which he alluded would be December 2) to 7 p.m., the same statement he made during the public meeting in Parma the night before.

    President Darnell Brown replied that the NEORSD Trustees' bylaws outline a process for such an action, including a formal written request by at least two Trustees, rather than by a motion as Mayor Starr made.

    As for the December 2 date, there has not yet been a decision on when the consent decree vote will take place. December 2 would be the earliest possible date, but the vote may not be taken until sometime thereafter if that is the Board's decision.

    We'll continue to post updates in the coming days and weeks.

  4. MR. NEORSD -- please do not insult the public! Are you going to tell me the Board has never suspended the rules for anything they have ever done?

    In this case, if the other Board members were really concerned about accountability or cared about the resident concerns the Rules could have been suspended and the motion could have been heard.

    Or was Mr. Brown and his fellow members more concerned about not wanting to miss Lebron's return to Cleveland?


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