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Monday, December 6, 2010

Summer Sprinkling program customers: Adjustments underway

We recognize that some Summer Sprinkling Program customers may not have received their discounts for the 2010 summer season. Last month, we mailed a letter to Summer Sprinkling Program customers to explain the issue and our response to the situation.

If you received the letter in error, please disregard. If you are a Summer Sprinkling Program customer who did not get a copy of the letter, here is the letter content:
Original letter date: November 8, 2010

Dear customer:

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) and Cleveland Water Division recognize that you, as a Summer Sprinkling Program customer, may not have received your discount for the 2010 summer season. We have corrected the problem for a number of customers, but we will not be satisfied until all customers enrolled in the Summer Sprinkling Program (which NEORSD implemented in 1993) receive the proper discount.

Currently, NEORSD is evaluating every Summer Sprinkling account to determine if the proper discount was applied and whether an adjustment is warranted. If we discover that a bill was calculated incorrectly, a correction will be made and an adjustment will be posted to your account. All Summer Sprinkling discount adjustments should post to your account within the next two billing cycles.

In the meantime, if you would like to speak with a NEORSD customer service representative, please call us at (216) 881-8247.

We take customer service very seriously. We understand the inconvenience this problem has caused, and we apologize for any confusion.