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Friday, September 9, 2011

SOCIAL: "I have no desire to Follow or Like my Sewer District."

Hey, we get it. With so many sources of news, entertainment, sports, and services in your Twitter stream, Friends, and favorite Channels, one more from your local sewer utility seems unnecessary. But we're here when you need us.

This morning, our @neorsd Twitter stream came across two accounts making very similar Sewer District statements, prompted by recent radio ads or Twitter suggestions. And the statements are valid: Sewer District on Facebook/Twitter? Who needs it?

Your Sewer District's several social media accounts, primarily Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are resources you may never need. You might not have bill questions; your neighborhood may not have Sewer District construction in progress; you may not be looking for a career in the clean-water industry or have a community group who needs information about pollution prevention.

But our communication department and Customer Service staff are here when you need us, and our social media accounts have helped us join existing conversations about our services where they're already taking place (Facebook and Twitter, especially). At a time when the Sewer District has so much work underway—rate changes, stormwater considerations, and a 25-year $3 billion pollution control program—we're happy to make it easier for customers and residents to have issues, questions and concerns resolved as quickly as possible. And thankfully, some of our followers are, too.

So you don't have to follow us. But when you want answers, we're only a @mention away.

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