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Friday, August 10, 2012

TOP 10: Reasons a sewage treatment plant open house is worth a Saturday visit

You might think there is an endless list of places you'd rather be than a Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District open house like the one we're having Saturday, September 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

But here are at least 10 reasons why an up-close look at the clean-water process could be worth your time.

Kids who ask "Where does the water go?" can get an answer. Most parents get that question from a child who sees the water washed down a drain or flushed away. "Where does it go?" or "How does the dirty water get clean?" The open house includes tours of the treatment plant, the last stop of the water's journey before it is safely returned to Lake Erie.

See what you pay for. When you pay your sewer bill every quarter, it's paying for the work it takes to turn wastewater (sewage) into clean water (flowing into Lake Erie). An open house brings you closer to that work to give some perspective to your investment.

It's like science class, except it's fun (unless you already think science is fun, and in that case, it's way better). We'll have hands-on experiments for kids and adults so you can see the science behind our clean-water work.

Free ice cream. Hey, who can say no to a bomb pop?

We got a great big convoy. Even without C.W. McCall, we'll have a fleet of the trucks, cranes, and equipment that hit Northeast Ohio streets and streams every day. Kids can climb in the drivers' seats, drive a robot, or climb into the cage our crews use to lower themselves underground.

Be social and have a chance to win. If you are a social-media junkie like our own @wallywaterdrop, we'll have a few games along the way where you can win fabulous prizes like T-shirts, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo tickets, and more. Here's a peek at one of our contests.

Meet Wally. Wally Waterdrop's always at our big events. It's a great photo op.

Facepainting and more fun for kids. Stickers, coloring books and other fun giveaways.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. All kinds of fish matter to us. Our environmental crews catch and monitor fish in the spring and summer to ensure we are protecting our fish friends. Learn more about the equipment we use and the fish we find in our local streams.

Consider making it a Lake Erie day. Our Westerly plant is right next to Edgewater State Park. Also nearby are attractions like the Great Lakes Science Center, the Rock + Roll Hall of Fame, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, all of which have great appeal near our Cleveland waterways.

There will be all this and more. Do you plan to join us?

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