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Monday, July 22, 2013

TIPS: 15 things you shouldn't flush

Just because it can fit in your toilet doesn't mean it's flushable.

VIDEO: Uh, "President" says #DontFlushWipes
Flushable wipes are in the news lately, but they are just one of many items that can cause plumbing problems, or even larger wastewater treatment issues in many cities.

Whether at your own home or at a public restroom, you might want to keep this list in mind: Here are 15 items most commonly discarded in toilets that shouldn't be. They may cause problems in home plumbing systems, on your property, in the miles of sewer underground, or all the way at a treatment plant. It's best to pitch all of these items in the garbage.


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  1. Perfect issues you came into. To keep our environment safe, we shouldn't use our toilet as a trash can. Thanks for your valuable information.


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