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Thursday, September 12, 2013

OPEN HOUSE: 7 memes show why your kids would love to tour a wastewater plant (#neorsdTOUR)

Spend a Saturday visiting a wastewater treatment plant? Any number of memes might capture your initial reaction to that opportunity, but here's why considering that September 27 is not as crazy as you think.

1. WOW factor.
Many kids and adults don't think about what happens to the water that flows down the drain. That water gets cleaned and released to the lake, the same source of our drinking water. At our tour, you'll be able to see the processes at work to clean your wastewater safely.

2. Fishing v2.0
We collect and study fish in local streams to be monitor water quality. But our electrofishing boats don't use rods and reels. They use electricity to stun the fish so we can net and study them before releasing them safely. We'll show you how it works.

3. Awesome views
Our treatment plants are amazing sights. This year, you'll have the chance to the one of the largest treatment plants of its kind in the country, our Southerly Wastewater Treatment Center.

4. Appropriate for all ages.
Take a tour, play a game, or sit and relax for a few minutes. All ages can find something to do and something to learn.

5. Science is fun.
How often does your child get a chance to make slime? Here they will, and they'll also have a chance to do some of the same experiments we do in our lab, like pH testing. But we can't promise you'll enjoy all our puns.

6. Free ice cream.

7. Wally Waterdrop.
Our spokesdrop has quite a following. Take a #neorsdTOUR photo with Wally and we'll be happy to share it.

Learn more and register to win a prize on our Open House page, and we hope to see you Saturday, September 27.

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