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Friday, November 16, 2012

STORMWATER: How to apply for credits, and where to find the help you need

A customer named Theresa recently asked our Facebook page if we're planning meetings to discuss stormwater program credit opportunities. The answer is Yes.

Starting next month, we will hold monthly evening meetings at our Administration Building for customers who may need assistance applying for credits, or for anyone with questions about the program. We will also present local sessions if a community requests them.

Theresa also mentioned our fee credit manual. If it's tough flipping through the 60+ page full manual to see what opportunities are best for you, consider starting with the abbreviated Residential overview available as a download here under "Ways to save."

It's a 15-page guide that may be more reader friendly, and includes all the residential applications you would need to get started. This graphic on page 7 outlines the application process:

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