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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

NEWS: CLEvsPIT rivalry, @neorsd faced @alcosanWWTP and clean water was the winner

Open House attendance increase tops 228% over last year as two sewer districts compete in Open House visitors, social media

Mark the Mad Scientist amazed guests at Saturday's record-setting Open House.

With the help of our 1,725 guests last Saturday, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District flushed Pittsburgh! Attendance at the 8th Annual Open House was 228 percent higher than last year's, sweeping the 5.12 percent attendance boost by Alcosan (the regional sewer district in Pittsburgh).

A friendly contest was held between the two agencies to determine which event, both held on the same day, would draw higher attendance numbers. The results came in Tuesday, and both utilities had numbers to be proud of.

  • Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
    • 2014: 525 attendees
    • 2015: 1,725 attendees
    • Percentage increase: 228% (Greatest increase)
  • Alcosan
    • 2014: 1,915 attendees
    • 2015: 2,013 attendees (Highest attendance)
    • Percentage increase: 5.12%

“Although their total number was a bit higher (with 2,013 guests), we shattered Alcosan’s numbers in terms of growth,” said Constance T. Haqq, Director of Administration and External Affairs. “We said it would be bigger, better and ‘awesomer,’ and we were right!”

The Sewer District won the Percentage Increase category, whereas Alcosan won the Total Attendance category. But what about social media?

Tracking both agencies' hashtags (#neorsdTOUR and #tourPGH) and accounts (@neorsd, our @WallyWaterdrop, and Alcosan's @AlcosanWWTP), Cleveland's social media reach and interactions were higher, but it's worth noting that visitors on both sides brought their A game.

“It was an honor to serve as the arbitrator of this incredible competition,” said Adam Krantz, CEO of the National Association of Clean Water Agencies who revealed the results via conference call this morning. “Both utilities are winners, as are their ratepayers, their communities and, most importantly, the Nation’s water quality and environmental progress.”

“The real winner in this contest is our guests,” said Jessica Shutty, Community Relations Specialist, who led Cleveland’s planning efforts. “We wanted our customers to better understand what happens after the flush and what the Sewer District is doing to help keep our Great Lake great.”

Save the date for Saturday, September 17, 2016, for the Sewer District’s 9th Annual Open House. You can never start planning too early.

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